Triple H’s Recent Cardiac Event Described As “Very Serious”

Triple H’s Recent Cardiac Event Described As “Very Serious”

On September 8th, WWE revealed that Triple H had undergone a heart procedure after suffering what was described as a cardiac event. This is typically another way to say heart attack, and WWE’s official statement stated a genetic issue caused it. While any heart-related issue is always serious, it was portrayed as not severe; nonetheless, during a recent episode of Sunday Night’s Main Event, pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer explained he had been told it was “very, very, very serious.” Seemingly this implies that it was potentially life-threatening.

Triple H is only 52 years of age and appeared to be in good health, so the news did come as a surprise. However, it should be noted he had similar bodybuilding passions as The Ultimate Warrior, who was just two years older when he died from a heart attack in 2014. Thankfully though, it appears Triple H is making a full recovery, and he was recently seen participating in a tour of WWE’s new company headquarters, which is currently under construction. Whether he is back to carrying out his day-to-day WWE duties isn’t yet known, although if he isn’t, he likely will be resuming them shortly based on this recent appearance.

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