Thunderslave Dropped By Record Label After Vandalizing Cemetery

Thunderslave Dropped By Record Label After Vandalizing Cemetery

Thunderslave, an up-and-coming rock band out of Monterrey, Mexico has been dropped by their record label after a video of them desecrating a cemetery along with members of the band Hellcharger was shared online. We won’t share the video out of respect for the departed and their relatives, but the footage is offensive to any right-minded person.

No Remorse Records who were releasing Thunderslave’s upcoming album “Unchain the Night” on the 26th of June quickly issued a press release, and you can read an excerpt below condemning Thunderslave’s actions and are cutting ties with them.

It was just this morning, on 11th of June, where we were informed and found out what actually happened, involving Thunderslave. A company of young people entered the Santa María Pantheon, in the municipality of Apodaca, destroying tombstones, mausoleums and crosses, which they demolished. From the moment that there is already a video of the cemetery vandalism (that we just saw today) it makes no sense for the label to wait on police reports and other related news, since violence and vandalism are among the things against our ethics. We always support free will but we also have the right to set those LINES according to our ethics and label’s professionalism. We also don’t want to use such acts as “advertisement”, so we have no other option than CANCELLING and DELETING this release and END our cooperation with Thunderslave and the members involved.No Remorse Records

It isn’t known why Thunderslave and members of Hellcharger committed this appalling act. Perhaps they wanted to prove how extreme they are, or maybe they considered it a publicity stunt to promote the album, either way, it has backfired spectacularly.

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