The Undertaker Talks Favorite Bands And Past Entrance Music

The Undertaker Talks Favorite Bands And Past Entrance Music

Wrestling and rock music have always been a perfect match, and The Undertaker, who is doing the media rounds promoting his WWE Network series, was interviewed by Loudwire discussing his favorite band’s and his past entrance music.

I think a mainstay is always Metallica. There’s certain days like sparring days, hard grinding days when I love to put in Rage Against the Machine. Even in training, Johnny Cash songs… my trainer has different music for different parts of my workouts. There’s those certain days when I might be draggin’ and not feeling it completely, he’d put in Johnny Cash, “The Man Comes Around.The Undertaker

From his debut in the WWF, The Undertaker had always used dreary funeral music, but when he debuted the Biker Taker gimmick at Judgment Day, he’d enter to Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass,” that helped revitalize his career and set the stage for his new character.

Well, it was a shock. It was very interesting, especially the first night that we did it. We played a little bit of a tease, but then we rolled into that. [We were] a little bit nervous, obviously, to have such a big change, but that song ‘American Bad Ass’ fit perfectly; the lyrics, the energy. It was right there where we wanted to be. That was a home run for us.The Undertaker

Shortly afterward, Undertaker would go onto use Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin” as his theme music, and he says Fred Durst’s band playing him in live at WrestleMania 19 for his two-on-one handicap match vs. Big Show and A-Train was one of his favorite entrances.

It was a such a high-energy, fun song and still kind of bad ass and got people going, got them excited. The lyrics, obviously, weren’t quite the same, but the energy level was still where we wanted it to be. It was really cool in Seattle at Wrestlemania when Limp Bizkit played me in. Came in, American flag off the back of my bike… one of my favorite entrances, actually.The Undertaker

At WrestleMania 20, he’d revert to the darker music due to reverting to his deadman character, which he kept to for the next 16 years, but seemingly as a one-off, he’d return to the biker gimmick and ride his motorcycle to Metallica’s “Now That We’re Dead” for his cinematic BoneYard Match at this years WrestleMania.

It was pretty cool, man. I thought it was the perfect song for the perfect night. Obviously, we rolled the character back a little bit. Wasn’t completely back to American Bad Ass, so there were so many elements of the original Undertaker and American Bad Ass and Mark Calaway. They were all kind of rolled in together. I thought the song really put the bow on the whole thing, of tying all three together. It was definitely the right choice of music for that night.The Undertaker

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