The Renaissance of Wrestling: How To Watch All of It

The Renaissance of Wrestling: How To Watch All of It

Even before the announcement of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on TNT debuting this October, pro wrestling was entering a new renaissance. While WWE still leads the pack as far as global brand recognition, no longer are they the only game in town with options and availability to watch with ease. In today’s digital world, streaming networks are aplenty, with multiple top-notch streaming networks uniting many global independents, as well as Video On Demand services by dozens more. And while the WWE Network launch in 2014 changed the game, there are now Networks for many of the top global brands, including New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Ring of Honor (ROH) and IMPACT Wrestling. In short, there has never been so many wrestling promotions – major to indie – available to watch from anywhere in the world, at any time in the world, for any wrestling fan to devour. We’ve compiled a list of how you can watch many of these sites, legally and affordably, and cheer on your favourite wrestlers, from their earliest days in localized indies, through their journeys to major promotions around the world.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), USA

The world’s largest global brand, chances are if you’re reading this, you’re pretty familiar with WWE. They have the most established footprint on television and their WWE Network helped revolutionize the way we watch wrestling.
MondayRAW, 8pm EST, USA Network (US), Sportsnet 360 (Canada), Sky Sports Arena (Tuesday morning UK, moving to BT Sport in January 2020)
TuesdaySmackDown Live, 8pm EST, USA Network (US, moving to Fox Sports in October 2019), Sportsnet 360(Canada), Sky Sports Arena (Tuesday morning UK, moving to BT Sport in January 2020); 205 Live10pm EST, WWE Network
Wednesday – NXT UK, 3pm EST, WWE Network; NXT, 8pm EST, WWE Network
Friday – Main EventHulu Plus (US), Sportsnet 360 (Canada)
PPVs – WWE Network as scheduled

All Elite Wrestling (AEW), USA

The latest impact player in the world of professional wrestling, AEW makes their national television debut on TNT on October 2, 2019 in the United States, as well as ITV 4 in the United Kingdom. No word on a Canadian outlet yet, but it’s speculated that TSN could pick it up for one of their channels, as they have a working agreement with TNT with their basketball coverage.

Wednesday – AEW on TNT (name not revealed yet), 8pm EST, TNT (US), ITV4 (UK, Thursday morning)
PPVs – Bleacher Report Live as scheduled,

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Japan

Japan’s most well-known organization globally, NJPW joined in with WWE in having their own network, launching New Japan World shortly after the WWE Network. All of their events and shows are aired live on New Japan World, making it the most complete streaming network to access every show from NJPW. A recap shop of past events airs in the US on AXS TV.

Saturday – NJPW on AXS, 9pm EST, AXS TV (US)
All Shows/PPVs – NJPW World as scheduled

Ring of Honor (ROH), USA

One of the promotions who helped kick off the early 2000s indie boom, Ring of Honor has become one of the US majors since being acquired by Sinclair Broadcasting in 2011. Their ROH TV airs in syndication around the world and in February of 2018 launched their own network similar to WWE Network or NJPW World called Honor Club.

Friday – ROH TV (Syndicated, also appears on different dates depending on location)
Special Events – Honor Club as scheduled
PPVs – Honor Club as scheduled,

IMPACT Wrestling, Canada/USA

Originally starting as Total Nonstop Action (TNA), IMPACT Wrestling was another early 2000s indie that helped provided alternative routes in pro wrestling following the collapse of WCW and ECW. It was acquired in 2017 by Canadian sports media company Anthem Sports & Entertainment and rebranded solely as IMPACT Wrestling and has rebounded with a solid product in the past year.

Thursday – IMPACT Xplosion, 7pm EST, Twitch
Friday – IMPACT Wrestling, 10pm EST, Pursuit Channel (US), Fight Network (Canada), Twitch
Sunday – IMPACT Wrestling9pm BST, Fight Network UK (UK & Ireland)
Special Events – IMPACT+, Twitch
PPVs –

Major League Wrestling (MLW), USA

MLW originally began in the early 2000’s boom but went on hiatus in 2004. For over a decade, MLW became one of the pioneer companies in wrestling podcasts, until 2017 when it returned as an active and touring brand once again. In 2019, MLW has emerged as a new major promotion, bringing in some of the best talents around the world, including Mexico with alliances with AAA.

Saturday – MLW Fusion, 9pm EST, BeIN Sports (US)
Monday – MLW Fusion, 10pm BST, Freesports (UK & Ireland); MLW Fusion (replay), MLW YouTube Channel
Special Events – aired live as an MLW Fusion special on BeIN Sports as scheduled
PPVs – (starting in November 2019)

National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), USA

Started in 1948, the NWA has seen a re-emergence on the national scene since Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan purchased the brand in October of 2017. With Nick Aldis leading the charge as the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, NWA was allied with ROH the past year, but Corgan recently announced this week that the NWA was going on their own and will begin taping a new weekly TV show starting on September 30 in Atlanta, Georgia.

AAA Lucha Libre, Mexico

AAA Lucha Libre (formerly Asistencia Asesoría y Administración) has been one of the top two promotions in Mexico since it’s formation in 1992. They have the widest alliance in North America, as an ally with not only AEW but IMPACT Wrestling and MLW, allowing for wide distribution of their stars in the US and beyond.

All live events – Twitch as scheduled, in English or in Spanish

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), Mexico

The longest wrestling promotion in the world still active, CMLL began as Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL) in 1933. It’s still arguably the top promotion in Mexico, although AAA may be better known outside of Mexico. CMLL has a strong alliance with NJPW and ROH through the IWGP Conception and continues to introduce some amazing talents to the world.

All live events – CMLL’s YouTube Channel as scheduled

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), Japan

AJPW was founded in 1972 at the same time as NJPW and continues to be a strong promotion in Japan, although their worldwide presence isn’t what it used to be. Vastly underrated, as its performances are still world-class caliber.

All Shows/PPVs – All Japan TV

PROGRESS Wrestling, England

One of the leaders of the BritWrest boom in the UK indie scene, PROGRESS has become a WWE-affiliate, as well as building up future stars for the UK indie scene.

All Shows – Demand PROGRESS

Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw), Germany

Germany’s top promotion, wXw, has also recently allied with WWE as a European affiliate, discovering and training some of the top talents from mainland Europe.

All Shows/PPVs – wXw Now

Revolution Pro (RevPro), England

Another leader of the UK indie scene, RevPro is the UK affiliate for NJPW in the IWGP Conception and perhaps best utilizes the New Japan alliance within its own narrative.

All Shows/PPVs – RevPro On Demand

Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), Scotland

Scotland’s WWE affiliate is another of the UK indie scene leaders and while they have their own on-demand service, some fans noticed the WWE Network upgrade lists ICW as locked content, potentially for the upcoming tiered system.

All Shows on Replay – ICW On Demand

Over the Top (OTT) Wrestling, Ireland

Ireland’s OTT has been killing it the past few years and has risen to be one of the truly unique voices in the Irish & UK indie scene. Top-notch production and killer promos, it’s definitely one of Europe’s top indie promotions.

All Shows on Replay – OTT On Demand

Highspots Network (International Indies)

Highspots has been a great source for DVDs and VOD for years now and their streaming network features the location for many top indies, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), AAW, FEST Wrestling, Rockstar Pro, and more, as well as lots of original shows and documentaries. (International Indies)

IWTV has emerged as one of the premier destinations to access loads of top international indies. It’s the home of Beyond Wrestling and their new weekly live program, Uncharted Territory, and features live iPPVs from the likes of CHIKARA, Black Label Pro, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), Southern Underground Pro (SUP), Freelance Wrestling, ACTION Wrestling, Alpha-1 Wrestling, Glory Pro, and many more.

Wednesday – Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory”, 8pm EST (International Indies)

Another streaming service that has collected an outstanding roster of indie promotions from around the world, features the likes of PROGRESS Wrestling, Bar Wrestling, PCW ULTRA, DEFY Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Australia, and many more.

Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), USA

GCW has emerged as one of the most buzz-worthy promotions in the US, combining the best in US indie wrestling, with hard-hitting hardcore action that rivals anything the US or Japan can offer – often bringing in some of Japan’s top deathmatch wrestlers.

PPVs –

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), USA

CZW arose in the late 1990s and expanded further on ECW’s extreme mantra to establish a new American hardcore. While it’s best known for its deathmatches, it’s also established a lot of the top US indie stars and continues to remain one of the US’ top indie promotions.

All Events on Replay – CZW Studios

Stardom, Japan

Japan’s Stardom has emerged as one of the top women’s wrestling promotions in the world – joshi as its called in Japan. It continues to produce some of the top women’s wrestlers in the world.

All Shows/PPVs – Stardom World

Pro Wrestling EVE, England

In the UK & Ireland, no one produces more women’s superstars than England’s Pro Wrestling EVE. It’s annual Wrestle Queendom flagship event is the finest display of European and joshi talent in the world, and EVE continues to fight for the awareness and respect of women’s wrestling worldwide.

All Shows/PPVs – EVE On Demand


The top women’s promotion in the US, SHIMMER Women’s Athletes has been a force for women’s wrestling in North America since the early 2000s.

All Events on Replay – Stream SHIMMER

RISE: Developing Tomorrow’s Wrestling Attractions (RISE), USA

RISE has emerged in the past few years as a vital breeding ground for women’s wrestling, and recently expanded their mandate to not only focus on the top rising stars in women’s wrestling but LGBTQ+ and beyond.

All Events on Replay – RISE Ascent
PPVs –

World Wrestling Network (WWN), USA

The parent network of EVOLVE Wrestling, Shine Wrestling, Full Impact Pro, and more, WWN Live is their streaming network that allows access to all past events as well as live iPPVs.

All Shows/PPVs – WWNLive

Dragon Gate, Japan

One of Japan’s most exciting promotions, Dragon Gate has launched its own network as well.

All Shows/PPVs – Dragon Gate Network

Dramatic Dream Team (DDT Pro), Japan

Much like CHIKARA, DDT Pro has combined outstanding international wrestling with a comedic edge, launching many stars, including Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi. They’ve launched their own network, which not only carries their own product but their sister joshi promotion, Tokyo Joshi Pro.

All Shows/PPVs – DDT Universe

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