The Reason Cesaro Hasn’t Returned To The Ring Yet Seemingly Revealed

The Reason Cesaro Hasn’t Returned To The Ring Yet Seemingly Revealed

Cesaro departed WWE on February 24th, 2022, after 11 years with the company, having opted not to sign a new contract. And with him having no non-compete clause, he was free to join any promotion at any time. Still, despite this, he is yet to return to the ring for anyone, and now Fightful Select has reported that his high asking price has resulted in him missing out on some bookings. Additionally, they suggest that it may be because he purposely wants to take a break, which is typically how other wrestlers handle this.

Many promoters that we’ve spoken to say that Cesaro’s was priced out of some potential bookings, and they’d not be able to land him until the asks came back down to earth. Cesaro has been repped by an agent who also manages several other wrestlers. However, we’re told that some wrestlers had been intentionally utilizing a high asking price because they’re content staying home until the right deal or offer comes along after being on the road for so long. We haven’t heard if that’s specifically the case with him.Fightful Select

Based on trademark filings and his updated social media handles, the former WWE star is assumed to be going under the name Claudio CSRO when he competes again. And while his next major promotion is unknown, Tony Khan has previously spoken highly of him, so many anticipate he’ll turn up in AEW or even ROH, given his history with the recently purchased company. But, of course, given his ring style, both Impact Wrestling and New Japan likely see him as a perfect fit for them, so there definitely won’t be a shortage of suitors for the 41-year-old.

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