‘The Mandela Effect’ Phenomenon Tackled In New Sci-Fi Horror Movie (w/Trailer)

‘The Mandela Effect’ Phenomenon Tackled In New Sci-Fi Horror Movie (w/Trailer)

The Mandela Effect is a psychological phenomenon where people recall false memories. Well, known instances are where somebody remembers the name of the Berenstain Bears wrong, or confusing Darth Vader’s famous “No, I am your father” in The Empire Strikes Back.

Our very own Chris Jericho covered this topic on a Talk Is Jericho episode titled “The Mystery of The Mandela Effect” where he was joined by a paranormal expert.

Now the topic is being featured in an upcoming sci-fi/horror movie “The Mandela Effect”. The official synopsis says:

“A man becomes obsessed with facts and events that have been collectively misremembered by thousands of people. Believing the phenomena to be the symptom of something larger, his obsession eventually leads him to question reality itself.”

The movie is being released in theaters and on VOD December 6, 2019, and we’ve the the trailer below for you to watch.

In case you missed it

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