The Elite Troll Chicago Fans Over CM Punk & Ace Steel During Dynamite (w/Videos)

The Elite Troll Chicago Fans Over CM Punk & Ace Steel During Dynamite (w/Videos)

This week’s Dynamite saw The Elite against Death Triangle in the second match of their best-of-seven trios series. And while the match was excellent, what most people were left talking about was that The Elite would mock CM Punk and Ace Steel, who were involved in a backstage altercation with, following All Out. In total, there were three instances, with the first being Matt Jackson purposely botching a Buckshot Lariat, which Punk famously did in his match with Adam Page. It was followed by  Kenny Omega biting Pac, referring to Ace Steel biting him in the locker room, and then a few minutes later, he’d attempt to beat Pac with a GTS, but the Englishman would kick out.

The timing of this was interesting, as not only was Dynamite in Chicago, where Punk is a wrestling and pop culture icon, but Omega had just done an interview with Sports Illustrated where he briefly spoke on the All Out altercation and said he wanted fans to “let it go.” Therefore some fans on social media have called him a hypocrite, although, given the timing, it was clearly done to troll the fans who were booing them. And with it now out of The Elite’s system, presumably, the incident won’t be referenced again. As if it is, fans will begin to anticipate a Punk return, which isn’t likely.