Talk Is Jericho: James Bondcast – Episode 007

Talk Is Jericho: James Bondcast – Episode 007

Last Fall marked the end of an era for the James Bond movie franchise! Daniel Craig played the 007 British secret agent for the last time on film in “No Time To Die!” And despite what happened during that movie, the end credits assured fans, “James Bond will return!” But who will be the latest to take on one of the most iconic roles in Hollywood history? That’s just one topic discussed by the James Bond superfan panel, including Brad Gilmore (host of the “Back From The Future” podcast and author of the new book, “Bond, James Bond: Exploring the Shaken And Stirred History of Ian Fleming’s 007”), Michael Boyd (scholarly writer of all things Ian Fleming and James Bond), and TIJ alum Don Callis!

The foursome breakdown the 60-year history of the James Bond movie franchise. They analyze who played Bond best (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig). They talk about the Bond girls, the Bond villains, the Bond theme songs, the many gadgets and cars, and the surrounding cast of characters. They also get into the campiness of the early movies, the pop culture references, and mimicry, and they share tons of trivia and behind-the-scenes stories from the franchise. Plus, they speak to the evolution of the Bond character the scripts, and they share their favorite Bond films, including a combined Top 10 List!

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