Talk Is Jericho: Five Rounds With Chuck Liddell

Talk Is Jericho: Five Rounds With Chuck Liddell

UFC Hall of Famer and former Light Heavyweight Champ Chuck Liddell shares stories about some of his biggest fights and opponents, including Tito Ortiz and his two legendary bouts with Randy Couture. Chuck explains what it means to cut weight, how he used to do it quickly (wearing plastic suits on airplanes, no less), and how a single knock-out put him on the map. He has thoughts on Dana White, filming Ultimate Fighter, competing on Dancing With The Stars, and being called a “Sherman Tank.” He recounts his early days in MMA and what it took to make the sport a household name. And he’s talking all about his brand-new podcast, “Icebreakers,” which he cohosts with comedian Adam Ray! Check it out every Monday!


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