Talk Is Jericho: Cheryl Hines Curbs Her Enthusiasm

Talk Is Jericho: Cheryl Hines Curbs Her Enthusiasm

Cheryl Hines plays Cheryl David, Larry David’s wife, on Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is ending this Sunday night, 4/7, after a 25-year run on HBO. Cheryl remembers her crazy improv audition process, the first scene she ever shot with Larry David, and what it was like to shoot a sitcom series with no script and no rehearsals! She has stories about the Seinfeld reunion arc on Curb, working with the late Richard Lewis, her favorite guest stars like Wanda Sykes and SNL alum Cheri Oteri, and who ruined the most takes by laughing. She shares some of her favorite scenes and moments, what she’s going to miss most about Curb, and if she thinks this is truly the end of the show. Cheryl also remembers shooting the movie, “RV,” with the late great Robin Williams and performing with the Groundlings in Los Angeles. Plus, she explains what it’s like to be a “Kennedy!”

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