Talk Is Jericho: Building Champions At The Monster Factory

Talk Is Jericho: Building Champions At The Monster Factory

The world-famous Monster Factory pro wrestling training school has its own docu-series on Apple TV+ featuring owner, operator, and coach Danny Cage, along with a bunch of his students, including two of his stars, Bobby Buffet and the Notorious Mimi. Danny explains how the series came to be, what it was like getting it made, and his hopes for a second season. Bobby Buffet and Notorious Mimi share their respective journeys to the Monster Factory, what they’re learning from Danny about wrestling and life, and some of their favorite moments caught by the cameras. Mimi also details her 9-month experience with NXT & WWE from the moment she got signed to the day of her surprise firing! And Danny chronicles his relationship with original founder Larry Sharpe, and the history of Monster Factory, and some of the talent like Bam Bam Bigelow, Tony Atlas, Matt Riddle, and Sheamus, who bumped in its ring.

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