Talk Is Jericho: 36 Seasons Of The Amazing Race & Phil Keoghan

Talk Is Jericho: 36 Seasons Of The Amazing Race & Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, has some great stories about his 36 seasons hosting the competition travel show! He talks about the new season that just started on Wednesday, the two new countries they’re visiting (Dominican Republic & Barbados, Rihanna’s childhood home), the competitors, and some of the crazy things that happen as the race runs toward the finish. He also talks about the craziest challenges and couples, his favorite cities and countries, the research he does for each show, and the fun trivia tidbits he’s collected along the way. He takes us behind the scenes of the production and offers tips for race success, along with dealing with jet lag and sleeping on planes, trains, and automobiles! Plus, he explains what it took to execute and film The Amazing Race during COVID-19, and he reveals how he almost ended up hosting another famous reality competition show, Survivor!

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