Sunny’s Attorney Has Filed Request To Withdraw As Her Legal Representation

Sunny’s Attorney Has Filed Request To Withdraw As Her Legal Representation

Tammy Lynn Sytch, known worldwide to wrestling fans as Sunny for her run in the 90s with WWE, is currently incarcerated awaiting trial following the death of a 75-year-old man. It’s claimed that while 3 ½ times over the legal limit and speeding, she crashed her car into the stationary victim’s car. Nevertheless, she has disputed this and insists she had a seizure, only hit the car at a few miles per hour, and he died due to not wearing a seatbelt and having a pre-existing medical condition.

Obviously, this will be a complex case, and now it appears Sytch will need to do this without her current attorney Steven deLaroche as has reported he has officially requested to no longer represent her. Apparently, deLaroche would file this request on Thursday 16th June, and he has stated that an impasse has been reached, with it now impossible for them to work together going forward. Additionally, it is documented that Sytch has not complied with the terms agreed between themselves.

As of writing, the court has neither approved nor denied deLaroche’s submission, and their decision is usually dependent on whether it is felt the client will be prejudiced by their attorney withdrawing. Generally, there are several motivations for an attorney to withdraw from representing their client, and typically the cause is the client hasn’t paid, has been deceitful, wants to mislead the court, or failed to respond in a timely fashion. It is, though considered a last resort, so clearly, something serious has occurred between Sytch and deLaroche.

James Ryder

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