Speculation CM Punk Wants AEW Return

Speculation CM Punk Wants AEW Return

Following his comments and subsequent violent behaviour following All Out, it wouldn’t be surprising if CM Punk never stepped foot in an AEW ring again. However, it appears if that is the case, it won’t be his decision because, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the former WWE star wants to return to the promotion. With it additionally noted, he may already be recovered from his torn triceps injury, making a decision imminent.

What it says is that he wants back in. Which we’ve already known, other people have said that too, that he’s looking to get back in. It’s up to Tony, and Tony’s gonna make a decision at some point. He’s probably just about ready, if not ready already, from the torn triceps, so it is one of those things that he can do soon enough.

Dave Meltzer

For Tony Khan, it’s a huge decision to make, as while Punk will undoubtedly help with ratings and gives the company another headliner, he does risk upsetting many of his dressing room. Ultimately it could come down to whether Punk is willing to apologize for his actions, although whether the key players involved in the backstage altercation are prepared to accept remains to be seen.

James Ryder