Skillet’s John Cooper Says Radio Stations Won’t Play Them

Skillet’s John Cooper Says Radio Stations Won’t Play Them

Skillet’s “Legendary” is Raw’s current theme song, and the band has had songs featured on WWE PPV’s and in the video game “WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010”. It’s safe to say they are a pretty big deal. They’ve sold more than 12 million albums, and four of their previous albums have been certified at least gold by the RIAA, with the 2009 album “Awake” even going double platinum.

Unfortunately they are still having problems getting their music played on the radio. Which has caused frontman John Cooper to speak out in an interview with He said:

“Case in point of what we are dealing with; we are on tour with Alter Bridge and the band Dirty Honey is opening the shows. They have the #1 Active Rock Song on the radio right now. We released a song at the same time as them, being a veteran rock act that has sold a lot of records, and we cannot get radio to play our song. We haven’t broken Top 10. At the same time, Dirty Honey is #1, and they have 90,000 streams this week; our song has almost 400,000 streams.

I go into radio stations and ask why don’t you play us, and they say they don’t think fans will like it. I mention to them that we have four times as many streams as the #1 artist. They turn around and say, “Yeah, but those aren’t really rock fans.” [Laughing] The rock market is dying, and it’s the gatekeeper’s fault, they don’t want to change or try anything new. They play bands that sell to young people then tell you they’re really not rock fans. I reminded them who was listening to Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, or Linkin Park when they first came out; young people. It wasn’t a bunch of old folks like us. They will put themselves out of business.”

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