Skid Row Bassist Discusses How Much Money Band Would Make If They Reunited With Sebastian Bach

Skid Row Bassist Discusses How Much Money Band Would Make If They Reunited With Sebastian Bach

Skid Row recruited new frontman Erik Grönwall early in 2022. Grönwall is a previous winner of Swedish Idol (the Swedish spinoff of the American franchise) and fronted the melodic rock band H.E.A.T. for numerous albums. 

Skid Row released the critically-acclaimed “The Gang’s All Here” late last year, with many claiming that it’s the first record to sound like classic Skid Row in quite some time. 

Guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo shot down any possibility of the band reuniting with classic lead vocalist Sebastian Bach. 

“It’s not even a part of any sort of thought process,” Sabo told the We Go To 11 podcast, last year “This is Skid Row, and that conversation is 23 years old.”

“And I have no desire to… I’m not interested; none of us are. It comes down to happiness, and we’re really, really, really happy where we’re at and how the band sounds and feels. I love playing our music, and I love playing it with the guys that we’re playing it now with. And so I don’t wanna change that. I’m in a great place personally, and I think we’re all in a great place as a collective.”

In a new interview with Tulsa Music Stream, bassist Rachel Bolan was again asked if he was the reason that Bach hasn’t reunited with the band yet. 

“It’s not just me,” he said. “The three of us [me and guitarists Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo and Scotti Hill] all felt the same. But there’s plenty of rock and roll to go around for everyone. It’s just not something we wanna do.”

Bolan also addressed the rumor that a reunion with Bach would draw the band a lot more money than they’re currently making. 

“A lot of people say, ‘You can make so much more money’ [by reuniting with Sebastian] — well, not a lot of people, but a few people — and it’s not that much more,” he said. “It’s really not that much more.”

“I’m not gonna talk garbage about anyone,” Bolan continued. “(The split with Bach) just happened. We are so happy now, and we’re just moving in a forward direction non-stop. And it’s great. It’s so fun to be doing a career for as long as we have.”

Bach was asked in December of last year on the “I Am All In With Scott Patterson” podcast what the hold-up was in a reunion. 

“Well, I have a manager named Rick Sales, and he protects my interests,” Bach said. “So they’ve gotta deal with the business side of things, and they would rather maybe not deal with that, as far as I can tell — just not deal with that. But there’s always a number. I mean, we’re all still alive.”

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