Saraya’s Tweet About Being Fined By AEW Was Legitimate

Saraya’s Tweet About Being Fined By AEW Was Legitimate

Earlier this week Saraya tweeted out that she had been fined for saying “twat” on Dynamite. And while many assumed she was simply joking, Fightful Select has confirmed she was being factual, with her fine going to AEW Together projects. It was also noted that she had apologized in private for her choice of language, and an email had gone on to talents reminding them of what isn’t acceptable.

Saraya’s tweet about being fined for her promo is legit, we’re told. The proceeds went towards AEW Together projects, and had apologized privately. There was a mass email sent out to talent noting that she’d been fined for profanity and using a middle finger without informing the coach of the segment. AEW talent has been discouraged from flipping audience members off and body shaming the crowd.

Fightful Select

Saraya is currently an instrumental part of the AEW roster, with her Outcasts faction feuding with the AEW originals.