Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon: Kirk Windstein Interview

Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon: Kirk Windstein Interview

On this episode of Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, Comedian Don Jamieson and I talk up Kirk Windstein’s new album “Dream In Motion” as well as Don’s latest release Denim & Laughter. Plus talk Thunder and Monsters Of Rock Cruise. During our interview with KIRK, we discuss his new album Dream In Motion, his songwriting, we explore his work with Down, Crowbar & Kingdom Of Sorrow, 25th anniversary of Down’s NOLA album, the formation of Crowbar, growing old as a heavy metal rock star and the physicality involved, Ace Frehley, and a whole lot more.

The solo record lets me stretch out and do things that I’m not able to do with Crowbar, and that’s important to me.
My whole rock n’ roll world began with KISS Alive!, but when I’m out with my wife running errands, I actually listen to an ’80s pop station that plays a lot of the early MTV stuff like Split Enz, Human League, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper and all that kind of stuff. Just good pop songs… After leaving the studio and doing just Crowbar stuff for four hours straight, the last thing I want to hear is something heavy.
NOLA is a classic record to most people because it was something refreshing… it was a record that wrote itself because it was five guys that grew up together. We didn’t overthink it. It stood the test of time for the last quarter-century.

You can listen to the full interview below, or alternatively, you can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all the major streaming platforms.

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