Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Comments On Iron Maiden’s Nomination

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Comments On Iron Maiden’s Nomination
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Iron Maiden do not appear to be fans of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. The band was nominated for the second time earlier this week, but if history is any indication, if inducted they won’t be attending the ceremony. 

Bruce Dickinson previously called the Rock Hall “an utter and complete load of bollocks,” during a spoken-word gig. 

“I’m really happy we’re not there and I would never want to be there,” he continued. “If we’re ever inducted, I will refuse — they won’t bloody be having my corpse in there. Rock and roll music does not belong in a mausoleum in Cleveland. It’s a living, breathing thing, and if you put it in a museum, then it’s dead. It’s worse than horrible, it’s vulgar.”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced its nominees for the Class Of 2023 earlier this week, and the top vote-getters will be announced in May and inducted in the fall. While Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden are among the 2023 nominees, numerous hard rock and heavy metal bands were again omitted including Foreigner, Motörhead, Boston, Thin Lizzy and many others. 

Eight of the nominees (Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, Joy Division/New Order, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, Willie Nelson, The White Stripes and Warren Zevon) are on the ballot for the first time. 

It’s the fifth time Rage Against The Machine has appeared on the ballot, the fourth time for Kate Bush and The Spinners and the second time for Iron Maiden and A Tribe Called Quest. 

In an interview with Audacy, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation CEO Greg Harris spoke about Maiden’s nomination. 

“We talked about Warren Zevon [being nominated], a piano-playing, songwriting guy, and then the triple guitar assault of Iron Maiden in the same class,” Harris said. “It’s really exciting and really fun now. Maiden was nominated once before, but we’re hopeful that after the success that Judas Priest had last year that Maiden is inducted as well… We’re thrilled that they’re on the ballot.”

According to the Hall Of Fame, the Iron Maiden members that would get inducted include the current lineup of singer Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, drummer Nicko McBrain, and guitarists Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers, along with former guitarist Dennis Stratton, former singer Paul Di’Anno and former drummer Clive Burr. 

Vocalist Blaze Bayley, who fronted the band for five years and two studio albums, is not included. 

Harris previously told “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon”:  “I don’t really think about it, to be honest. I think awards are things that are nice to have when you get them, but it’s not something you’re really striving for — it’s not what it’s about it,” he said. 

“It’s never been about that. It’s aways been about just trying to make good music and go out and play good live shows, and that’s it, really. Hopefully people will appreciate it. It’s probably nice when people give you awards — don’t get me wrong; I think it’s great — but it’s not something that you would lose sleep over if you didn’t get any.”

“It’s the way that I am,” Harris added. “I don’t know. Maybe the rest of the guys might think differently to me, but that’s the way I think. It’s not that I don’t care about awards. It’s just… And it’s not that they’re not meaningful when you do get ’em — it’s nice. But I certainly don’t worry about it or anything like that. I think other people are the ones that make a bigger deal out of it than us, about whether we got one or not.”

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