Referee Assaulted By Devon Nicholson Now Dealing With Further Health Issues

Referee Assaulted By Devon Nicholson Now Dealing With Further Health Issues

Independent referee Lando Deltoro was brutally assaulted following a match in Texas this past weekend. While he had agreed to bleed, Devon Nicholson, best known as Hannibal, would repeatedly stab him, severing an artery and leaving him with a $10,000 medical bill. Deltoro would later reveal on Twitter that he was also suffering a blood infection. Thankfully, doctors told him they didn’t believe it was Hepatitis C but did require a high dosage of antibiotics. Now though, he is back at the hospital after something unexpected was discovered.

The concern of Hepatitis C was clearly due to Nicholson himself previously suffering from the infection after being stabbed by Abdullah the Butcher. This resulted in a lawsuit, and Nicholsen won $2.3 million in damages. However, it isn’t known how much he received as Abdullah transferred his assets into his wife’s name.

After the shocking referee assault story was picked up by TMZ, Nicholson would finally break his silence via a recently deleted YouTube video. In this, he claimed that he found it hard to see due to his mask, the spike he used was a prop given to him by the promoter, and he believed he was protecting Deltoro with his hand. He then blamed the referee for not making him aware he was harming him and said the promotion should have insurance, seemingly to cover the medical bills, and that their props should be safe.