Recently Signed WWE Talent To Undergo Surgery

Recently Signed WWE Talent To Undergo Surgery

For several months, it had been rumored that WWE was interested in signing former Stardom wrestler Giulia, with it officially confirmed she’d inked a deal over WrestleMania XL weekend. Still, before joining NXT, it was agreed she would work some matches for the newly launched Joshi promotion Marigold.

Yet, in hindsight, WWE may regret this decision, as last Monday at Marigold’d Fields Forever event, Giulia fractured her right wrist during a tag match. And now the 30-year-old has taken to X to disclose that she is currently in hospital ahead of surgery, which, according to Tokyo Sports, is scheduled for Tuesday.

Giulia was born in England to an Italian father and a Japanese mother and moved to Japan at age one. In her early 20s, she began her wrestling journey in 2017, initially via the Joshi promotion Ice Ribbon, before signing with Stardom in 2019. Additionally, she began wrestling for New Japan in 2020, both in Japan and the US, showcasing her wrestling abilities to a much larger audience.