Primo Colon Comments On Why He Received A Wellness Violation

Primo Colon Comments On Why He Received A Wellness Violation

Last week it was revealed that along with Robert Rood, Primo Colon had been suspended for 30 days without pay for a wellness violation.

In an attempt to clear his name Primo would explain the situation to Primera Hora in Puerto Rico. He said:

“I was not on the road with the company, I was not scheduled for any event in the near future. I am in Puerto Rico when they called me suddenly, not to use me, but to travel to do a doping test. I was ready to do it, but I told them that I was in Puerto Rico and that I was willing to go to a place that they chose to test me without any problem, without any discomfort. I was not going to pay for a trip to just get tested for doping.”

“I didn’t hear anything from the company, and I thought they were going to call me when they found a place to do the test. Almost two months pass, and I get a letter that I am suspended, according to them, because I refused to take the test. And that is not correct. They took it as I was out of the country, but I was available.”

“I don’t want them to say that I failed a test, because that is totally false and incorrect. They usually do their doping test at events, someone collects the urine of wrestlers employees, referees, and do their evaluation once a month. I did not test anything positive. I was in Puerto Rico. I have to clarify it because my reputation is worth more than any check.”

“I’m under contract with them until October 2020. They have the facilities to call me and use me if they went. If they don’t want to use me, they still have to pay regardless. They are using new guys, and that’s how the industry goes. It’s basically like sitting on the bench and not playing.”

It’s unlikely his wellness violation will be removed because the whole point is to take the test when requested, not schedule it at a time or place that is more convenient. This could potentially allow a prohibited substance to leave your body, defeating the whole point of the test. Although given the circumstances, I can understand why Primo would be upset.

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