Owen Hart’s Widow Shares Her Advice For Janel Grant

Owen Hart’s Widow Shares Her Advice For Janel Grant

Martha Hart knows better than most what is involved when suing WWE, having twice filed lawsuits against the company, first following her husband Owen Hart’s tragic death and then again over his name and likeness being used without consent. Both times, a settlement would be reached, and the money paid would help to fund the Owen Hart Foundation. And now, during an interview on News Nation, Hart’s widow would discuss Janel Grant’s shocking allegations against Vince McMahon and, speaking from the experience, offered her advice to Grant, telling her, “Don’t back down.

“I would say to just stay the course, and her claim is very credible, and I would be steadfast in my convictions and, you know, don’t back down.”

Martha Hart

Following McMahon’s departure from WWE, there has been some speculation that Owen Hart could eventually be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, as McMahon’s involvement had previously prevented Martha from approving this. However, even if this doesn’t transpire, Owen has at least received recognition for his contributions to the business via AEW, which established The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament back in 2022.