Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Reveals Which Band He Never Wants To Follow

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Reveals Which Band He Never Wants To Follow
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Nickelback is gearing up to release a new record, “Get Rollin,” on Nov. 18. The band recently released the album’s first single, “San Quentin.” Guitarist Ryan Peake commented on the new song in an interview with WRAT regarding the heavier direction of the tune. “I don’t think it’s unusual, that type of song, for us. It’s not necessarily indicative of the whole album, but as far as rock, it’s a heavy rock song. And if you’ve seen us live, you would definitely get it, too. I think it’s nice, I kind of like that people are feeling like it’s a surprise that we could write or we could have rock songs like that in our repertoire.”

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger also recently chatted with Loudwire about the forthcoming record. Herevealed there’s one band in particular that he never wants to follow on stage again — Sevendust. Kroeger talked about Nickelback once sharing the bill with Sevendust and Disturbed. 

“It was us, then Disturbed, then Sevendust,” he said. “After the success of ‘Silver Side Up,’ there were a few dates where Sevendust opened for us. I don’t care how many records you’ve sold or how many awards you’ve won or what you’ve done around the world… you don’t ever, ever, ever want to go on after Sevendust, because they will kick your *ss and wipe you all over that stage. They are a force to be reckoned with and it is goosebump-worthy.”

Kroeger explained the meaning behind the debut single, which was inspired by him meeting the warden of the infamous San Quentin prison at Guy Fieri’s birthday party. Kroeger himself also spent some time behind bars as a youth. “I was always coming up with really dumb ideas of sh*t we could do to get into trouble,” Kroeger says. “My mom divorced by stepdad in the eighth grade. From that moment on, what type of disciplinary action can my mom take? I was already six feet [tall] in the eighth grade. What’s she gonna do? Hit me with a wooden spoon? But my other friends [would say], ‘If I go and do what you’re suggesting we do and I get caught, my dad will beat my *ss.’ Them fearing their fathers was what kept me out of [more] trouble.”

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