Nia Jax Responds To Those Complaining About Her WWE Return

Nia Jax Responds To Those Complaining About Her WWE Return

This past Monday night, Nia Jax made her WWE return by attacking Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez, immediately putting herself in the Women’s World Championship picture. Yet, while some fans were pleased to see the former Raw Women’s Champion return to the promotion, others weren’t so happy, especially as it appeared that her Banzai Drop could have legitimately crushed Rhea Ripley’s ribs. And seemingly, this has gotten back to Jax as she would take to X to note all she saw on the app was “cry babies.

39-year-old Jax signed with WWE in early 2014 and trained at the WWE Performance Center before making her in-ring debut in 2015. By mid-2016, she would be drafted to Raw and became a prominent part of the women’s division; however, she did develop a reputation for injuring her opponents, and while the company seemingly never disciplined her for this, she would be released in November 2021 while on a mental health break and vowed to quit the business. Nevertheless, that clearly didn’t last, and she would return to the ring at the Royal Rumble earlier this year as a surprise entrant in the women’s Rumble match.