NEWS | Slipknot Won’t Confirm Tortilla Man’s Identity

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NEWS | Slipknot Won’t Confirm Tortilla Man’s Identity

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is relishing in the fans’ scramble to figure out the identity of the band’s new percussionist, “Tortilla Man”.

Fans have submitted multiple theories as to the identity of Tortilla Man, and Taylor told SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk, “I’ve seen a couple of things, and none of ’em have been right so far. I’m loving it, dude.”

Even the mention of a late, great drummer by Taylor recently sent fans into a frenzy. These fans may have wanted to Google who Taylor recently alluded to before thinking they knew who was under the starchy mask.

“I did an interview with Rock Feed news like a week ago or so, and I said that it was Tito Puente. And people who had never heard of Tito Puente were, like, ‘Oh my God! He totally revealed who [it is].’ I’m, like, ‘Are you kidding?’ It is amazing the level of ridiculousness that not only permeates this band but permeates the fandom of this band. I’m just sitting back going, ‘I’ll feed you guys whatever.’ I mean, it’s beautiful. Just laying those little clues and people lose their minds. It’s awesome.”

Puente, who was known as the “King of Latin Music” for his mambo and Latin jazz compilations, died in 2000. As renowned as he was, Puente’s style may have clashed a bit with Slipknot’s.

As much as fans seem to be enamored with Tortilla Man’s identity, Taylor sees it as just another reason for eyes to remain on the band:

“For us, it’s more about just keeping the spirit alive. ‘New guy’ doesn’t care. Even if somebody gets it right, we’re not gonna confirm it. It’s one of those things. For us, it’s more about getting the band out there. Because, to be honest, the one thing that kind of reminded us that the band is more important is that even after the album came out, people were still into the band no matter who was in it.

So, to us, it’s a reminder that the band is more important than worrying about conjecture about who ‘Tortilla Guy’ is. So we just basically politely answer those questions, but never fully commit to any correct answers.”

For all we know, a fan may have already figured out who “Tortilla Man” is, but the music is more important than the mask. Those who have been loyal to Slipknot since the band’s inception in 1995 have stayed by the band’s side, and the band seems to recognize that this mystery is another gateway for fans to experience them.

Slipknot also seems to be pretty amused and finding new ways to amuse themselves after 24 years as a unit can never be a bad thing.

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