New Red-Band Trailer For Upcoming ‘Children Of The Corn’ Released

New Red-Band Trailer For Upcoming ‘Children Of The Corn’ Released

As reported the other week, the upcoming RLJE Films reimagining of Stephen King’s 1977 short story, ‘Children of the Corn’, is scheduled to release in theaters on March 3rd and March 21st on VOD. Now, those looking forward to the franchise reboot, helmed by Equilibrium and Ultraviolet director Kurt Wimmer, can travel even further into the cornfield with not only a brand new red-band trailer that unveils more mayhem and even more bloodshed but a new poster.

Taking equal inspiration from the likes of the criminally underappreciated 2009 Texas Chainsaw remake – right down to its chilling sound design – as well as the latest trailer trend of using slowed-down covers of hit songs, this gorier and unadulterated (no pun intended) red-band trailer reveals a bit more of what befalls the adults of a small Nebraskan town after its children decide to turn against them and anyone that stands in their way. 

Now, red-band trailers are meant to showcase more of what makes a particular film potentially less palatable to mainstream audiences (more violence, more nudity, more well, mature), and until the internet, could only be seen in front of R-rated or NC17 films. For genre fans, this typically means more of what they crave, and for a lot of horror out there, it allows a film to show what’s really in store for audiences.

While the latest trailer for ‘Children of the Corn’ doesn’t unload a cornucopia of depravity, it does show many of the targeted adults being put through the ringer, with farming equipment and the like being used against them. And if that’s not enough, a new poster has been unveiled that puts the spotlight on the film’s central antagonist Eden, a 12-year-old girl who becomes a cult-like leader after becoming possessed by an entity that calls itself, He Who Walks Behind the Rows.