Necro Butcher Who Appeared In “The Wrestler” Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Necro Butcher Who Appeared In “The Wrestler” Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Rumors about Necro Butcher’s health have circulated online for some time after photos and video from his apparent final match back in January showed he had aged considerably and physically deteriorated. Now Necro has taken to Facebook to update his friends and fans about his health, sadly sharing the news he has cancer.

Finally got that elusive diagnosis, stage 3 Hodgkins, it was taking forever, multiple biopsies and procedures, I might be that happiest guy ever to hear he has cancer.Necro Butcher/Dylan Keith Summers

Necro’s treatment will likely be 6 to 8 cycles of chemotherapy, which results in between 75% and 90% of patients surviving for five years or more.

For those not familiar with Necro Butcher’s career, he is an ultra-violent wrestling pioneer, and his match against Samoa Joe in IWA Mid-South is one of the most highly regarded indie matches of all time. He also achieved some mainstream celebrity playing himself in Darren Aronofsky’s 2008 film The Wrestler, where he had a memorable scene with Mickey Rourke’s character Randy The Ram involving a staple gun.

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