Mushroomhead Drummer Steve Felton Talks About Feuding With Slipknot

Mushroomhead Drummer Steve Felton Talks About Feuding With Slipknot

Over 20 years ago, the Mushroomhead/Slipknot rivalry kicked off because Mushroomhead fans believed Slipknot had copied their favorite band. Both wore masks, both wore boilersuits, and both used theatrics, but Mushroomhead had debuted four years earlier. Fans rallied behind their side, and the bands would trade insults throughout the 2000s. Now Mushroomhead’s drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton, who is the band’s only constant member, has spoken on the Talk Toomey podcast about the nu-metal rivalry.

I guess it happened and does it fucking matter? I mean, at that point, it’s just like a silly fan-fueled and I guess media hype, you know thing to talk about… This is the 90s. Yeah, you know, any sort of news was cool. There wasn’t a whole lot back then. And then you get a feud between bands. It’s kind of East Coast v West Coast type of thing. Oh, Lord, here we go.

And for some of the entertainment value of it, sure. A lot of us in the band were at the time into it. And, you know, played, played it up and had some fun, but, you know, I look back, and I think I should have did it all when I knew it all, you know, I mean, right? Oh, yeah. Like how silly of us… Obviously, we didn’t have any part of it and jump on the bandwagon of talking to the media about it and going oh we came first, the chicken or the egg and that whole stupid thing.

We spent a lot of time complaining about them for nothing. So you know God Bless them they’re one of the biggest bands out there. It proves that masked heavy metal and that style of entertainment is still relevant. Steve 'Skinny' Felton

The feud ostensibly ended between the bands following the death of Slipknot’s Paul Gray in 2010. Mushroomhead would offer an olive branch by posting “R.I.P. Paul Gray, This feud needs to end. Much Love and Respect to the guys in Slipknot” on their MySpace page.

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