MJF To Play Kayfabe Von Erich Family Member In Upcoming A24 Movie

MJF To Play Kayfabe Von Erich Family Member In Upcoming A24 Movie

The upcoming film “The Iron Claw,” which stars Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron as Kevin von Erich in the tale of the famed wrestling family, has generated a lot of buzz online among fans. And adding to the anticipation, on Tuesday, it was announced that MJF had been cast in the film, which seemingly explains why he was recently absent from AEW television. And while being in a movie is a major accomplishment, it wasn’t made clear what his part would be, and truth be told, the Salt of the Earth wouldn’t benefit much if he only had a cameo role. However, PWInsider.com has since established that he plays Lance Von Erich, the Von Erich brothers’ kayfabe cousin.

Deadline.com reported today that AEW’s MJF has been cast in a role for the Von Erich family biopic The Iron Claw, which is currently shooting. That is why he was written off AEW TV through the Full Gear PPV. PWInsider.com can also exclusively confirm that MJF is playing Lance Von Erich in the film.


For those who don’t know, Lance Von Erich was William Vaughan, who completed previously under the ring name Ricky Vaughn. He was introduced to World Class Championship Wrestling by the patriarch of the Von Erich family, Fritz, in October 1985, with it claimed Fritz’s kayfabe brother Waldo was Lance’s father. This was brought on by Mike Von Erich’s inability to wrestle due to toxic shock syndrome and the other brothers’ exhaustion from wrestling in multiple matches per day. However, the rest of the family opposed misleading fans by claiming Lance was a relative. And this falsehood was made public two years later when Lance joined Wild West Wrestling, and Fritz revealed on television that Lance was never really a relative.