Mick Foley Says The Mandible Claw Belongs To Bray Wyatt Now

Luke Waskowski

Mick Foley Says The Mandible Claw Belongs To Bray Wyatt Now

Hardcore legend and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley made the Mandible Claw one of most popular, beloved and devastating finishing moves of all time.

Now Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend, has brought back a vicious Mandible Claw of his own and taken down Foley and Finn Balor down with it since his return.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Mick Foley was questioned about Wyatt using the classic move once again in 2019.

I think it’s nice to look at the show and see your fingerprints here and there. Where, as ten years ago when I left, there were a lot of people who had grown up idolizing Ric, and Shawn, and Bret, and you could see that in the work. So now you have guys like Bray, who told me years ago, “Look, I’m doing something in a rocking chair,” because he had gotten a rocking chair from an interview that I did for Randy Orton. You see it a little bit with Aleister Black and the rocking, and Su Yung, and Rosemary, and I love it; Sami Callihan doing the Cactus Driver.

And so, I feel for Bray because you want a finishing move that you can do to anyone at any time. The Mandible Claw… is something that is all [Bray’s] now.

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