Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Shares Where Band Got Idea For “Snake Pit” Section

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Shares Where Band Got Idea For “Snake Pit” Section

Part of Metallica’s stage setup for the better part of the last 30 years has been their unique “snake pit” section. It’s a standing-room only area right in the middle of the stage giving fans a 360-degree view of the concert. 

Recently, drummer Lars Ulrich talked about the “snake pit” and where the idea for it came from. 

“I mean, the snake pit has been part of what we’ve been doing for basically 30 years going back to the Black Album days,” Ulrich told Apple Music 1.

“So the snake pit started off, one of our managers back in New York in the late 80s, early 90s, the idea that when you would go to a restaurant, that the best seat in the restaurant was actually not in the house, but the best seat was in the kitchen. So in crazy, cool restaurants, if you could somehow get into the kitchen and eat in the kitchen, you were in there where all the action was.”

“So the idea that came out of that for that snake pit on the Black Album tour was basically to be in the middle of the stage. So we had a stage that was shaped like a diamond … And there was 30, 40 spots in the middle of that stage. Radio contest winners. Friends, family, a few crazy metalheads from around the audience would end up in that snake pit and they would be on stage with us. And then it morphed and basically for I guess 30 years now, the snake pit has been an integral part of at least a Metallica indoor show.”

“And then in the stadiums when we’ve been playing outside, it’s been sort of this extension of the stage. You’ve seen it but they’ve never been like crazy big. There’s been room for a couple of hundred here, a couple hundred there, whatever. We were told between 900 to 1200, depending on the density, obviously. And as you know, when you get into these things in different countries, the fire marshal has different (ideas) and all this. But I mean, it’s going to be incredible.”

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