Mercedes Martinez And Mia Yim’s RETRIBUTION Names Revealed

Mercedes Martinez And Mia Yim’s RETRIBUTION Names Revealed

The names of the three primary male members of RETRIBUTION were named on this week’s Raw episode. Dio Maddin is Mace, Donovan Dijakovic is T-Bar, and Shane Thorne is Slapjack. When Raw went off the air, neither Mercedes Martinez nor Mia Yim had their new monikers confirmed, but following a WWE trademark application, we have a good idea of what they will be going by in the future.

WWE filed the trademark applications on Monday under entertainment services used by a professional wrestler for the names “Mace,” “T-Bar,” “Slapjack,” “Reckoning,” and “Retaliation.” While unlikely, it is possible the two other trademarks are not related to RETRIBUTION members; however, on Tuesday, the Twitter account @ReckoningRTRBTN was created. This account features a photo of Mia Yim with her mask on and follows Mace, T-Bar, and Slajack’s accounts. This indicates Mia Yim will now be known as Reckoning, which leaves the name Retaliation for Mercedes Martinez.

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