Matt Hardy Reveals WWE Drug Tested Jeff After His Mid-Match Walkout

Matt Hardy Reveals WWE Drug Tested Jeff After His Mid-Match Walkout

On December 4th, during a six-man tag match on a WWE house show, Jeff Hardy would unexpectedly exit through the crowd mid-match. Afterward, WWE would send him home, and on December 9th, he was released by the company. Subsequently, it would be revealed that Hardy had declined WWE’s offer of rehab, which led to them deciding to fire him.

This news resulted in the assumption among fans that Jeff had relapsed and was back on drugs and or alcohol. However, his brother Matt Hardy has refuted this on his Twitch channel by noting that Jeff was drug tested by WWE following the incident, and the results will restore his reputation.

Before anyone rushes to judgment, obviously, they drug tested him. After all, this stuff, wait until you hear the results of that, and when that comes back clean, then hopefully, people will feel better about it.

Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy also appeared on his brother’s stream to announce some upcoming concert dates and seemed to be doing fine. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t justify his actions, so why he opted to leave mid-match remains a mystery. Hopefully, though, Matt is correct, and Jeff was clean and isn’t dealing with addiction issues. And of course, if the results prove Jeff wasn’t impaired, the speculation he will be joining AEW will begin once his 90 days non-complete expires.