Marilyn Manson Releases ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ Cover (w/Video)

Marilyn Manson Releases ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ Cover (w/Video)

Marilyn Manson has released a cover of the iconic folk song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” He had previously performed the song on his “Heaven Upside Down” tour in 2017, and it was already on the soundtrack to the movie “24 Hours To Live”. It now, though, has it’s own single release and video.

You can listen below and also find it at all the major streaming locations. A limited vinyl version will be released in December and can be purchased here.

The original recording of the song was by Bill Landford and the Landfordaires in 1949. It was then covered by Odetta, Elvis, Moby, and Johnny Cash. Cash’s version is likely the most famous due to appearing in numerous TV series, video games, and even a Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial.

In case you missed it:

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