Logan Paul Discusses Saving Rey Mysterio During Crown Jewel Match

Logan Paul Discusses Saving Rey Mysterio During Crown Jewel Match

Earlier this month, Logan Paul wrestled Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel, winning the United States Championship. However, while the title change was a big deal, most fans who watched the match were left talking about the fact that Paul managed to catch Mysterio when he came up short on a springboard moonsault attempt. This resulted in some fans going as far as to say the YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-wrestler had saved the WWE Hall of Famer’s life. And now, during his latest podcast episode, Paul has discussed this.

“Upon assessing my performance, while I think I did save Rey Mysterio, I think I also almost killed Rey Mysterio. I think I was too far back for the move, and I think he didn’t clear enough ground for the move. That’s what happened. Like, I was too far back, and he didn’t clear enough ground. We both, I think, made a mistake. I had to catch him, I had to catch him. And I wasn’t going to not catch him. So, like, truthfully, while I like the headlines and I like being gassed up like this, I was just doing my job. But I’ll take it. I’ll take the praise.”

Logan Paul

Recently, Paul announced that he is retiring from the boxing ring to focus on being a full-time pro wrestler from now on. Yet, some believe he was simply joking, and currently, his next announced appearance for WWE isn’t until Elimination Chamber in February, although it would be surprising if he weren’t at the Royal Rumble in some capacity.