Kurt Angles Shares Positive News Following Latest Surgery

Kurt Angles Shares Positive News Following Latest Surgery

It’s no secret that Kurt Angle destroyed his body for wrestling fans and recently had to have both his knees replaced. Additionally, he requires additional neck surgery, which will keep him bedbound for months, which is why he has been putting it off. Now though, the Olympic goal medalist has undergone back surgery to eliminate leg pain, and he has thankfully revealed on his podcast that so far, it has worked.

I think it actually worked. I don’t know yet, but I don’t have the pain going down my legs, so the operation definitely worked. I’m hoping that the pain in my back will subside, and hopefully, it will in the next few days, and then I’ll feel really good about it. The doctor did a great job. He really did. I was having problems with my legs and the nerves going down my legs, and that’s all gone, so I’m good with that.

Kurt Angle

Angle stated just six months ago that he still regularly thinks about wrestling again and is open to the possibility of one last match. However, given how much pain he has said he deals with and the concussion revelation, it doesn’t appear to be a wise move. Yet, considering how much money Ric Flair is believed to have been paid ($300,000) for his last match, it’s understandable why Angle would be interested. So, all that can be hoped is that if he does compete again, he accepts his physical limitations, as even his most devoted fans won’t want to see him attempting moonsaults or german suplexes in his condition.