Korn’s Jonathan Davis Talks About His Obsession With Serial Killers

Korn’s Jonathan Davis Talks About His Obsession With Serial Killers

Before he was the frontman of Korn, Jonathan Davis was an mortician, and once he became a success in the music industry began collecting serial killer memorabilia including Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen, clown outfits owned by John Wayne Gacy, artwork by the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez and a confession letter from Albert Fish. At one time, he even intended to open a museum.

Now during an interview with Heavy1 TV, he was asked about his infatuation with serial killers and his hobby of collecting serial killer items. He would say:

I’m just into dark stuff, I’ve always been driven towards dark things, and I don’t regret anything I’ve ever collected or regret anything I’ve done. That’s what inspires me.

Some people like to go to beautiful places, and like beautiful things, I see the beauty in darkness. So that’s just my thing. It confuses people, but I don’t care, I don’t do things for other people, it’s just stuff that inspires me, and I find beauty in.

I don’t find beauty in murder or nothing, I just find beauty in dark things, and obviously, that’s from my time working as a mortician, and of course, I’d be interested in that. I’m not trying to glorify it or anything; it’s just that I respect it and what I’m interested in.Jonathan Davis

While the fascination with serial killers was considered strange back when Davis was an avid collector, thanks to services like Netflix and their documentary series, it has become a much more widespread interest in recent years, although perhaps not yet to the extent where accumulating murderabilia is yet socially acceptable.

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