Jerry “The King” Lawler Hospitalized

Jerry “The King” Lawler Hospitalized has shared the worrying news that Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a “medical episode” while staying in his Florida condo on Monday afternoon. No further information is known regarding the 73-year-old’s health as of writing other than he is hospitalized, but Twitter is becoming filled with his friends and colleagues wishing him the best. is sad to report that WWE Hall of Famer and one of the all time greatest professional wrestlers of all time, Jerry Lawler suffered a medical episode while staying at his condo in Florida yesterday afternoon. The story that has made the rounds is that Lawler had been out for lunch with friends and sometime after that lunch took ill and was rushed to the hospital.

As most reading this will be aware, Lawer suffered a heart attack just over ten years ago after wrestling on Raw. While it initially seemed all was fine, in a terrifying moment, he collapsed after returning to the announce desk, leaving a clearly shaken Michael Cole to continue commentating. Thankfully Lawler would survive, although it was later confirmed that the heart attack he’d suffered resulted in him being clinically dead for almost 30 minutes. Remarkably though, he seemingly sustained no long-term damage and has continued to wrestle on independent shows.

James Ryder