How Long Vince & Linda McMahon Have Been Separated Revealed

How Long Vince & Linda McMahon Have Been Separated Revealed

While it’s known Vince and Linda McMahon have had their ups and downs over the years, it was previously believed they were happily married. However, fans would first find out that something was up with their relationship when McMahon referred to her as “my wife at the time” while being interviewed by Pat McAfee in 2022.

Later, it became officially known that the pair were no longer together after McMahon’s hush-money payments became public knowledge. And now Vince Russo has revealed during his YouTube show that the duo have actually been living separate lives for over a decade after Bruce Prichard disclosed this to him in 2011.

“I got Bruce Prichard a job at TNA in my God, bro, you can look it up. It was probably about 2010 or 2011, okay? My first sit down with Bruce at TNA this is 2011, bro he told me Vince and Linda had been leading separate lives for years, for years bro, so we never heard about that. Everybody thought Vince and Linda were a couple, Bruce is telling me in 2011 that they had been separated for years so bro there was stuff going on behind the scenes bro that nobody was ever privy to.”

Vince Russo

Vince and Linda met when he was 16 and she was 13, and they dated throughout their high school years, going on to marry in 1966. From there, they would have two children: Shane, born in 1970, and Stephanie in 1976. Initially, the family struggled financially, even claiming food stamps, and Vince would even file for bankruptcy. Yet, things would turn around for them after Vince founded Titan Sports, Inc. in 1980, and two years later purchased Capitol Wrestling, the parent company of the World Wrestling Federation.