How Does the WWE Roster Unwind When the Cameras Aren’t Rolling? We Explore.

How Does the WWE Roster Unwind When the Cameras Aren’t Rolling? We Explore.

When we think about public sporting figures, we often forget they are regular people like us. The same applies to our favorite WWE Superstars; whether it’s picking up their kids from school, going food shopping, tidying the house, attending family events, or finding ways to unwind when they’re outside the ring, they do all the same mundane tasks we do despite their status.

Yet, it can be challenging to envision wrestlers like Brock Lesner, AJ Styles, or Roman Reigns having an ordinary life that doesn’t revolve entirely around their profession. Almost like that out-of-body experience, you’d feel when you bumped into your teacher at the supermarket when you were a kid. However, when they’re not spending three-hundred days plus on the road, WWE Superstars are left with a measly sixty-five days to do what they’d like. But this begs the question, how does the WWE roster unwind when the cameras aren’t rolling? From spending time with loved ones to playing spins at online casinos, we explore the answer to this question below:

Spend Time With Family

Although it can sometimes be challenging to picture heels like The Miz, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor spending quality time with their families, the act soon falls apart once the camera stops rolling. Additionally, you’ll be even more shocked to discover a surprising number of WWE Superstars with children you didn’t know about.

Since many WWE Superstars are hired under a contract, they only earn when attending live events, filming for TV shows, going for PPVs, etc. Due to this, many of the WWE roster’s partners have stated how much their absence is felt when they’re not at home since they spend so much of their time traveling all over the world for days, weeks, and even months at a time. So, it’s only sensical that every waking moment while the WWE Superstars are on their home turf is spent with their
loved ones.

In today’s digital world, this is all documented for wrestling fans to see on WWE Superstar’s private social media channels, on which they share snippets of their lives outside of the ring. Alternatively, fans can browse a selection of heart-warming photographs of WWE Superstars and their mini-me’s over on WWE’s official website.


All WWE fans have heard Triple H’s theme song, ‘The Game,’ by the legendary Motorhead. Yet, despite being a testament to Paul Michael Levesque’s portrayal of his in-ring counterpart, the underlying lyrics also speaks of a recreational activity that many WWE Superstars like to indulge in when outside of the ring, gambling.

As the lyrics to Triple H’s theme song go, ‘it’s all about the game and how you play it,’ the same can be said for a variety of traditional casino games that WWE Superstars have admitted to enjoying in their spare time, like poker, blackjack, and a few spins at online casinos.

We’ve even seen this pastime in action on a segment of WWE RAW in which retired pro wrestler John ‘JBL’ Layfield hosted a poker tournament, a nod to his heyday when he and his tag team partner Ron ‘Faarooq’ Simmons was caught playing poker often.

With John ‘JBL’ Layfield currently managing WWE Superstar Baron Corbin, more poker tournaments are expected to come to WWE RAW; however, many WWE Superstars are folding their physical poker hands in favor of virtual ones.

Online gambling is a popular pastime for John Cena, John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, and many more WWE Superstars since it is easy to access while on the road and can help unwind during their rest days. Plus, WWE Superstars can have a couple of spins on the slots using whatever internet-enabled device they have on hand, whether it’s their phone, tablet, computer, etc. Unlike the action that WWE Superstars bring to our T.V. sets, online gambling can be tried at home. If you’d like to unwind like a WWE Superstar, you can find the best place to use your spins using this list. Put yourself in your favorite wrestler’s boots, and consider playing a few spins today!

Partake In Sporting Activities

As evidenced on Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown each week, pro wrestlers put their bodies (and themselves!) through hell trying to entertain fans. Professional wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports of all time, and for aspiring WWE Superstars to get even a chance of being on the WWE roster, they must try in-ring and outside most days.

Due to this, you’ll find many WWE Superstars partake in sporting activities even when they’re off the clock, from lifting weights at the gym to playing a few games of American Football. Most notably, on his days off, Mike, ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, is often found putting a few holes on the golfing green to help him unwind.

Since he has been portrayed as a heel throughout his professional wrestling career, it can be challenging to envision Mike Mizanin as anything other than his cocky, smug, loudmouth counterpart, The Miz. Yet, as he’s divulged to golfing publications like Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine, he explains that his love of golf dates to his childhood after learning the sport from his father, teachings which he intends to pass down to his children in time.

Taking Care Of Their Pets

Arguably one of the more relatable unwinding methods on this list, some WWE Superstars have revealed that they enjoy relaxing by taking care of their pets and other animals. Alexa Bliss, part of the formidable WWE women’s roster, famously enjoys cozying up with her pet dogs during her days outside the ring.

Fans also enjoyed Bliss’s updates about Larry-Steve, her pet pig, who had racked up an impressive 90,000 followers on Instagram but sadly passed away last year. Leaving the world of mammals behind, Bliss isn’t the only WWE Superstar with unusual taste in pets; William Regal has a collection of reptiles, including turtles, snakes, lizards, and much more.

Additionally, like his friendly, on-stage persona, Sami Zayn occupies cat cafes on and off tour. So, as you can see, you and your favorite WWE Superstars are much more alike than you might’ve thought (or what their in-ring personas might demonstrate!). With their hectic work schedules and grueling physical fitness routines, they certainly deserve unwinding!

Graham Douglas (Columnist)