How Adam Copeland Was Able To Use The Brood Name In AEW

How Adam Copeland Was Able To Use The Brood Name In AEW

During this past weekend’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Adam Copeland fully embraced his past, with former WWE colleague Gangrel making a surprise entrance during his match with Malakai Black. However, many fans would question afterward how AEW could use “The Brood” during his entrance, with WWE having previously used the name.

And now that has been verified by, which has confirmed that Copeland acquired the trademark for the vacant name. Whether he intends to use the name and gimmick in the future remains unclear, although considering he suffered a fractured tibia during the match and requires surgery, it will be some time before that’s known.

“ has been asked over the last several days of AEW and Copeland using “The Brood” name as part of Double or Nothing. We are told that Copeland now owns the rights and trademarks to the term, which was the name of the group he, Gangrel and Christian Cage were all part of in WWE in the late 1990s.”

For those unfamiliar or with a shorter memory, The Brood was a prominent stable during the Attitude Era, consisting of Copeland, Gangrel, and Christian Cage, and was portrayed as a vampire clan. At the time, Gangrel was the group’s leader and star, but both Christian and Copeland eventually surpassed him in popularity. This led to WWE disbanding the group and introducing The New Brood with Gangrel and The Hardy Boyz, although this new version was short-lived.