Has DC’s The Swamp Thing Found A Home In Director James Mangold?

Has DC’s The Swamp Thing Found A Home In Director James Mangold?

DC’s Swamp Thing has always been a love-child of horror. From its earliest conception back in 1972 – running for 24 issues over the course of 4 years – to their most recent (and albeit short lived) 10-episode television run back in 2019, the titular character’s name has forever felt etched in the genre like a name carved into a bayou log. Hell, even the first 10 issues were illustrated by renowned horror artist Berni Wrightson, whose distinct line work felt withered and haunted, much like our titular character. So when DC announced it would be working on a horror film centered around Swamp Thing as part of its extraneous re-branding, it felt like everyone’s favorite vegetative creature was finally being watered.

Enter James Mangold, the visionary director behind a certain adamantium clawed hero’s most recent outings, The Wolverine and Logan; two comic book films that understood how to breathe life into a beloved character while giving them a necessary gravitas. Just the other day, Mangold tweeted a comic book panel of Wrightson’s gorgeously illustrated creature from 1972, giving fans a tease of what might be. Even though the director has never tackled horror in the barest sense since his 2003 thriller Identity, he does know how to create tragic figures with a past that haunts them, or in the case of his 2001 romantic comedy Kate & Leopold, the ghost of a 19th century Duke.

While nothing concrete is set, with Mangold’s tweet acting as mere conjecture, it has gotten many fans worked up over the potential pairing. And with all the announcements coming out of the newly re-branded DCU, it doesn’t seem outlandish that we can be seeing Swamp Thing come to life under the green thumb of a director who knows how to handle the weight of horror.