Former WWE Wrestler Defends Himself Following Backlash To Recent Acting Role

Former WWE Wrestler Defends Himself Following Backlash To Recent Acting Role

Thanks to his intimidating aura and distinctive look, WWE had high hopes for Nathan Jones. However, he hated to travel, which didn’t fit well with being a WWE star, so he quit the company. While he would remain in the business for a few more years, he ended up retiring in 2005 and instead concentrated on acting.

Since then, the Australian giant has appeared in major films, including recent hits like “Hobbs & Shaw” and “Mortal Kombat.” Yet, his latest role in “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” has sparked controversy, with some fans expressing their uneasiness over his character’s attempted actions towards the protagonist. In response, Jones has taken to Facebook to clarify that he was merely portraying a fictional character, following the script as it was written.

“I’ve noticed a few queries and private messages about my role in Mad Max: Furiosa, particularly regarding a scene with young Furiosa. This is a very sensitive subject, and I want to emphasize that it involves a fictional character. The details can be uncomfortable, and as an actor, my job is to portray a character based on the direction and script provided to me. I appreciate your understanding and support in recognizing the distinction between fiction and reality. Thank you. Best, Nathan”

Nathan Jones

53-year-old Jones was a troubled young man and spent around a decade incarcerated for multiple armed robberies. Once released, he would begin pursuing a career in strongman contests, winning Australia’s Strongest Man before having his only MMA fight for the Japanese promotion Pride, which saw him submit in the first round after being caught in an armlock. Still, this lack of success in the real fighting world wouldn’t put off pro wrestling promoters, and he would work for World Wrestling All-Stars, Pro Wrestling Zero1-Max, and Ultimate Pro Wrestling before signing with WWE in 2002.