Former WWE Champion Big E Shares Heartbreaking News

Former WWE Champion Big E Shares Heartbreaking News

During the March 11th, 2022, episode of SmackDown, Ridge Holland gave Big E an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the floor, with the former WWE Champion, unfortunately, landing on his head. Immediately, it was apparent that Big E was injured, and the tag match, which also featured Kofi Kingston and Sheamus, would conclude in the ring without him.

Subsequently, Big E would disclose that his neck was broken, and now, following his two-year scan, he has sadly revealed on X that he hasn’t been medically cleared to return to the ring and may never be. Still, he would confirm he is pain-free and is thankful for this blessing.

“Hey, all! Two year neck scans are in. Things are unchanged. My C1 has healed fibrously but has not formed new bone. I’m not medically cleared and truthfully, I may never be cleared. But I am blessed to be free of pain, immensely happy and otherwise healthy. Life is good.”

Big E

Following his terrible injury, some fans attacked Holland online, holding him responsible for possibly ending Big E’s career. However, Big E would later stress that Ridge was very remorseful and asked fans not to hold it against him. Yet, some still torment the former Rugby League player on X about this, and after he accidentally injured Elton Prince, he even deactivated his account for a while due to the backlash.