Filming Completed On “Don’t Breathe” Sequel

Filming Completed On “Don’t Breathe” Sequel

Don’t Breathe was a massive hit in 2016 with a worldwide gross of $157 million against a $9.9 million budget, and knocked Suicide Squad off the top of the box office charts. This meant a sequel was inevitable, and it has now been confirmed that filming has now been completed. No release date has yet been revealed, but fall 2021 is what is anticipated.

For those unaware of the plot, the film is about three hoodlums attempting to rob Norman Nordstrom, a blind Gulf War veteran who is anything but a helpless victim, and they quickly regret their decision. The sequel’s reported plot sees Nordstrom living in an isolated cabin with an orphaned girl, and when kidnappers take her, he goes after them.

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