Fear Factory Launch GoFundMe To Finish Their 10th Studio Album

Fear Factory Launch GoFundMe To Finish Their 10th Studio Album

Fear Factory has resolved the legal issues regarding their name, and the lineup of Dino Cazares on guitar and bass, Burton C. Bell on vocals, and Mike Heller on drums are set to deliver their tenth studio album in 2021. That, though, is only if they can raise funds to complete it.

While the album was recorded in 2017, Cazares is not happy with certain aspects, such as the fact they were using programmed drums, the keyboarding, and mixing and mastering. As they have exceeded the borrowing limit from their record agency, they have taken the unusual step to request fans donations to complete the album via GoFundMe. Their target is $25,000, and as of writing, they’ve raised $12,926 from 408 donors.

Interestingly, the band’s vocalist Burton C. Bell has decided to distance himself from the fundraiser taking to Instagram, saying he is not involved. He clearly wants fans to know the decision to ask fans for money comes predominantly from Cazares. It’s understood his vocals were completed in 2017.

Let me be clear. I am not part of, nor am I benefiting, from any GoFundMe Campaign.Burton C. Bell

Fear Factory’s last album came in 2015 and was titled Genexus, peaking at #37 on the Billboard 200.

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