Fan Dies At Slipknot Concert

Luke Waskowski

Fan Dies At Slipknot Concert

In a tragic situation, Richard Valadez, 62 died this past weekend at Slipknot’s concert in the Chicago area.

Concert attendees said Richard was having a great time along with fellow concertgoers. Valadez was moshing at the start of Slipknot’s set, and one fan said he saw Valadez get knocked down at least once.

During Slipknot’s performance of “Sulfur,” Valadez was allegedly struck and fell out of the pit. Concertgoers started to form a circle around Valadez, so other attendees didn’t accidentally stomp on him.

Two men would perform CPR on Valadez, while others shined flashlights from their phones and waved their arms to get garner attention from guards. Many people jumped the fences to alert ticket-takers about the emergency.

Concertgoers who saw the incident said they understand the difficulty for staff to manage the situation with the big crowd but were concerned by the amount of time it took to get to Valadez and take him out of the area.

No cause of death has been announced as of yet.

We at Web Is Jericho extend our thoughts and prayers to the Valadez’s family.

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