Erick Redbeard Appears In New Heavy Metal Video

Erick Redbeard Appears In New Heavy Metal Video

Erick Redbeard, formerly Erick Rowan, has been wrestling on the independent circuit since his release from the WWE in 2020 due to budget cuts. He also made appearances on AEW television during the Brodie Lee tribute show in December of 2020 and again in March of 2022. During the “Brodie Lee Celebration of Life” episode, he protected Dark Order from being attacked by Wardlow during a six-man tag match. After the match, he embraced the Dark Order and held up a sign that read, “Goodbye for now, my brother. See you down the road.”

Redbeard was long aligned with Lee in the WWE first with the Wyatt Family, and he also tagged with Lee in The Bludgeon Brothers. During a later appearance for AEW, Redbeard aligned himself with Death Triangle to take on the House of Black at the Revolution Buy-In. Redbeard has also long been a fan of extreme metal and frequently wears metal T-shirts during his matches. For AEW, he entered the ring to Cattle Decapitation’s “Finish Them.” More recently, Redbeard made an appearance in a new Amon Amarth video, “Get in the Ring.” In addition to the video, Amon Amarth also released a “making of” clip that can be seen below. 

Redbeard previously squelched rumors that he would be the new leader of Dark Order following Lee’s passing. “I can give (Tony Khan) an answer to that immediately, no [I’m not going to be the leader of the Dark Order],” he told the Wrestle Buddy podcast. “That’s Brodie [Lee’s] legacy. He created that in the short amount of time he was with us and I want him to always be remembered as the leader of that group.”

He also expressed his desire for a more permanent role in AEW. “Man, I would love to go and have a feud, a story [in AEW]. I would love to go and have an actual story. That’s why I liked going. There was a short little story where I got to be involved with the House of Black and Penta [Oscuro] and PAC. That was fun, because it was a couple day-story. To me, that was cool. It was cool to come back, do a couple things and then leave. There’s so many guys. I would hate to go and just take up space, take up a spot. I don’t like it when guys go in, take up a spot and they have no plans for them and then they just sit there. Like yeah, paychecks are really nice, don’t get me wrong. Paychecks are always good, like thank you. But, I wanna perform too. So, I wanna present the best part of myself at this point that I can.”

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