EC3 Slams Bad Bunny’s Involvement In Pro Wrestling

EC3 Slams Bad Bunny’s Involvement In Pro Wrestling

In the past, when celebrities got involved in pro wrestling, they typically sucked, with, at best, putting on mediocre performances. Nowadays, however, with so many celebrities having grown up as fans and wanting to be involved for bucket list reasons rather than financial, it seems in-ring performances have improved. This was demonstrated at Crown Jewel when Logan Paul had a match that half the roster couldn’t better. Additionally, Bad Bunny got involved with WWE during the ThunderDome era, and to say he was better than expected in the ring would be an understatement.

Nevertheless, while speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws YouTube channel, alongside Vince Russo, former WWE wrestler and currently wrestling journeyman EC3 has shared his take on celebrities in wrestling and is far from happy with their involvement. Specifically, calling them “complete narcissists” before going off on BABadunny, saying he didn’t do the job on the way out and speculating that the singer is “probably coddled” and “given everything” by management.

I think when you deal with high-level celebs that are complete narcissists, what has Bad Bunny done besides have a couple of hit songs? He’s probably coddled to and given everything. They can never give on the way out, whoever gets over. Bad Bunny can’t do the job on the way out. Bad Bunny’s got a show in two weeks; he can’t be beaten now.


For someone like EC3, who at one point looked set to become a big star, it can’t be easy to see someone who has given so little of their life to the business achieve more than they could ever dream. That, though, is just part of the business since it became sports entertainment. And ultimately, Bad Bunny, Logan Paul, and even Johnny Knoxville likely garnered more attention for WWE than EC3 or most wrestlers could over a 20-year career.

James Ryder